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Nguyen The Vinh was born in 1970 iin a poor village n Bac Binh, Binh Thuan Province. When he was 4 years old, his father passed away due to the war, fthen his mother and his older brother also passed away 3 years later.

When he was 8, he had an accident while looking after the oxen and broke his right arm. Because of improper treatment, his arm was necrotized and amputated a year later. When Vinh went to primary school, he was left-handed but his teacher tried to change that habit and wanted him to write with his right hand. Unfortunately, when Vinh lost his right arm that summer, he had to practice writing with his left hand again.

During his childhood he looked after the oxen, helping his grandfather fishing in the river with only one left hand because his grandfather was also in difficult finance. Vinh always kept in his mind that he was a core man in his family. His family only has one older sister and a younger brother.

Life in Sài Gòn

When he finished high school in Binh Thuan, Nguyen The Vinh moved to Sai Gon where he did many jobs such as tutoring, advertisement designing, etc. His friends suggested him to take a university admission exam. That's what he did, he passed it successfully and even got a scholarship. He studied one year, then stopped one year to earn money, and went back to university. He did so  many jobs, from being a security man for a motorcycle parking lot at Tran Hung Dao dormitory, a tutor for marketing major students, etc. After many years struggling for life, he managed to graduate from the Economy University Ho Chi Minh City with a Bachelor of Business Administration. While studying at the university, he has been trading and repairing mobile phones for 7 years. This job requires skills which were really hard for him since he had to manipulate tiny electronic circuits with his single hand.

He then opened a tutoring class for high school students preparing for university admission exams including mathematics, chemistry, and physics at Ben Cat, Binh Duong Province. In addition, he is also a guitairst who can play  the guitar and the harmonica at the same time with one hand, among others at Ho Chi Minh City Music College.

After going through a lot of physical and psychological difficulties during his childhood, he wishes to help the orphan and disabled children to continue their education, graduate from universities and integrate into the society. He believes that the students will enter life with more confidence and deep knowledge for a brighter future.

He sincerely thanks agencies, organizations, enterprises, companies, philanthropists in Vietnam as well as in the world for their generous donations, any forms or amount. Thanks to their contributions, the donors  enable orphans and disabled students from Ben Cat, Binh Duong and other places to continue their further studies.

Furthermore, The Vinh usually participates in charity music nights supported by newspapers and television agencies. He went on a music tour to raise funds for Vietnamese children infected by dioxin at the VNED Assembly in France and Germany. He has a large audience in Vietnam and overseas who understand and appreciate his beautiful life and desire. They are supporting him opening the Huong Duong Center.

You can find some information about Nguyen The Vinh on online newspapers.

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