HDC's Process of selecting children

Subject (irrespective of gender, religion or ethnic)

-        Orphans

-        Disabled children are able to learn well.

-        Children with good study resultsl, but their family cannot sopport them for university study because of poverty or their parents' serious diseases.

Step 1:

Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Competent agencies will help providing a list of children who have situation as above.

Students will send documents to centre including:

-        A Curriculum Vitae certified by the local authority.

-        Students’ health status

-        School record.

-        Consent form of the people who are looking after for children

Step 2

Centre will review the applications and make selection

Step 3:

Centre will verify the actual situation of students and make a consent form to look after them until they go to the university within the witness of local authorities where they are living.

Step 4:

The procedure of school transfers  for them unless students graduated high school.

Set a date to move to the Centre.


-        Students will stay boarding at the centre.

-        Students will be sent to local schools and take tutoring classes  for advanced knowledge for preparation of university entrance examination.

-        Students have to work an hour a day such as planting green vegetables or doing clean up (except Sundays). This does not mean to bring income for the centre. We want to train the children for good awareness and labour skills.

-        During staying in the Centre, students ca contact with relatives or their sponsors when necessary.

-        Centre will devide several rooms, each room is considered as a small family having Father or Mother who will live with children and look after them as well as listen to the heart, the aspirations of the children as real parents. Therefore, they will feel comfortable and confident as their home and make the close association between the children and sponsored parents.

-        The activities are implemented through effective planning, clearly defined purpose, strict management, definite the roles and responsibilities of each participant who manages the centre.